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Cue No:
1123-1 / -2
  Brunswick Willie Hoppe Demonstration Cues..owned by Jimmy Caras
Price: $ 1,500.00 OBO

Two Brunswick titlist cues that were given to Mark by Jimmy. These were cues he used to promote Brunswick when he went around room to room. The first is a 50s era titlist the second is a 70s made in Japan. He used them for n demonstration during those periods. Both have slight warping due to age. Both come with letters and a picture of Caras and Mark. 2500 each OBO. Nice opportunity for a great world champion collectible. No trades..,


Cue No:
  Jimmy Caras Line Cue and Case.... Brunswick.... by Joss.... #4
Price: $ 1,200.00 OBO

19.7 oz, 58"
(2)shafts, 13 mm
Joint: 5/16 steel with black collars
Joss made this special edition Jimmy Caras cue series for Brunswick and this is number 4 of this particular model. This one comes with the original case, Its George (Brunswick) that Jimmy received the cue in. This is about as complete as it gets. Came directly from Jimmy Caras.


Cue No:
  Bruswick Willie Hoppe Anniversary Joss
Price: $ 900.00 OBO

(1)shaft, 13mm
Joint: 5/16 etched steel joint, black collar
150th Anniversary presentation cue made by Joss, for Brunswick. This is number 66. Comes with case and original joint caps.


Cue No:
  Brunswick Blue Label Willie Hoppe Professional Cue
Price: $ 450.00
Traditional Willie Hoppe Cue in excellent all orignal condition. (2) Shafts, decent ring, with original Brunswick installed bumper. All original examples like this are very tough to find.


Cue No:
  Rich Cue
Price: $ 1,200.00

Rich Cue Co. NY
20.5 Oz /57.5”
(1)shaft, 13mm
Joint: 5/16 Brass with white and black trim
Converted titlist cue, made in a very Paradisian pattern. Rings at the butt end in pick pearl swirl and ivory colored trim rings. Cortland wrap. Cue is 100% all original in 90% condition.


Cue No:
  Steve Klein
Price: $ 1,600.00 OBO

Steve Klein

19.2 Oz / 58”

(2)shafts 13mm, 3.8 oz

Joint: Flat faced 3/8-11 pin, white collars with ebony and maple trim ring

Ebony forearm with maple points, red, green, natural, black veneers. Ebony butt sleeve and white phenolic butt plate and bumper. Rings at all poitions. Great cue with out the wait. Very solid taper, 3.8 oz, non-inserted shafts, are HTF.


Cue No:
  Omega / DPK
Price: See Below

Cue No: 1
19.7 Oz / 58”
(1)shaft 13mm, slight wobble
Joint: Flat faced with black collars
Sneaky Pete Conversion. Pre-owned, great condition. 98% straight.  $ 700.00 OBO

Cue No: 2
18.9 Oz / 58”
(2) shaft 12.75mm, 13 mm, both have slight wobbles
Joint: Flat faced with black collar and block style rings
Cocobolo with lizard wrap. This cue has the Omega etched pin.  Great condition, nice cue. $ 1,400.00 OBO

Cue No: 3
19.3 Oz / 58”
(1)shaft 12.5mm, slight wobble
Joint: Flat faced, black collar, white ring.
Nice cocobolo cue, black linen wrap. Great over all condition. $ 1,200.00 OBO

Cue No: 4
18.5 Oz / 58”
(2) shafts, 13mm / 13.2 mm
Joint: Flat faced, block ring collar
Maple forearm, 5 lacewood points, lace wood handle, lacewood butt with maple inlays. Block rings at all positions. Pre-owned cue, has a ding in the handle. Overall excellent condition. $ 2,250.00 OBO

Cue No: 5
19.5 Oz / 58”
(2)shafts, 12.75 mm, 12.6 mm
Joint: Flat faced, block ring collar
Maple forearm, 5 ebony points with blue, orange, and yellow veneers. Long ebony backend with high and low block rings. Nice used cue, dated inside of cap, 05892. Good overall condition. $ 2,600.00 OBO


Cue No:
  Sailor by Frank Stellman
Price: See Below

Sailor Cue by Frank Stellman
18.9 Oz / 57.5” Lg. (Butt is 27.5”) / (1) Shaft 12.5mm, 3.8 Oz, 30” Lg.
Joint: Flat Faced Black collar, block stitch ring / Cocobolo merry widow style cue. Leather wrap, butt sleeve is assorted plastic rings ala Meucci. Butt has a thinner handle.Comes with joint caps. - $ 500.00 OBO


Sailor Cue by Frank Stellman
19.6 oz, 58” / (1)shaft 13mm, reddened from red chalk
Joint: Flat faced, black collar with silver pearl rings / Great example of a WICO blank that is full length above the wrap. Rare to see a WICO this full, and with no chipping, all the Palmers and even the few Szambotis the prongs are much shorter. Wrap is black with white spec linen. Butt is rosewood, black plpastic with silver pear rings and MOP dots. Early example of Franks work, probably mid 70’s. Really nice piece, comes with cocobolo joint caps.-  $ 800.00 OBO


Cue No:
  Don Gadreau
Price: $ 550.00

Don Gadreau
19.7 Oz, 58”
(1) 13.1mm, 4.4 oz shaft
Joint: 5/16-14 steel joint, black phenolic and collars
Curly maple forearm, ebony prongs, black, blue, white and green veneers. Unplayed cue, in mint condition.


Cue No:
  Ron Haley
Price: $ 4,800.00

Ron Haley
19.5 Oz, 58”
(2) Shafts, (1) 3.6 Oz, 13.1mm, (1) 3.4 oz, 13.1mm
Joint: 3/8-10 Flat faced, fancy silver dot-dash ring
Birdseye maple forearm, ebony prongs with black, red, green, natural veneers. Each prong has 2 MOP dots and an MOP diamond, and a silver bar. Fancy rings above the wrap. Butt is ebony with a fancy ring under wrap, 4 windows with matching veneers, silver windows and dots border those. Dots and diamonds of MOP in betweem. Excellent unplayed cue from a cuemaker with a long list..


Cue No:
  Bert Schrager
Price: $ 4,250.00 OBO

Bert Schrager
20 oz, 58”
(2) shaft (1) 4.4 oz, 13.3mm, (1) 4.0 oz 13.3mm
Joint: 3/8-10 flat faced, black collars with ebony and abalone block ring
Ebony forearm, 6 abalone daggers with arrow tips. 6 abalone stars.  Butt is ebony with 4 abalone windows, 2 white windows. They are scrimmed with By Schrager, and the owners name. Hi and low abalone stars around the windows. Black with white spec wrap.


Cue No:
  Bella Sera
Price: $ 1,350.00 OBO

Bella Sera
19.5 Oz - 58”
(2)12.9mm, 3.9/3.5 oz
Joint: 3/8-10 Flatfaced with brown phenolic collar
Titlist conversion, very few made by Wayne Anderson and the Bella Sera crew. 8 propellers and a Hoppe style backed. Very nice leather wrap, unplayed.


Cue No:
  Steve Klein
Price: $ 2,350 OBO

Steve Klein
20 Oz – 58”
(2) shafts, (1) 4.3 Oz, 13 mm, (1) lake wood, 4.2 Oz, 12.6mm
5/16-14 Steel joint, black collars and silver ring
Excellent condition cue, done in the Bushka tradition. Signed between the prongs, Steve Klein 1 of 1, Alot of MOP and silver rings.


Cue No:
  Frank Paradise
Price: $1,200.00

Frank Paradise
19.4 OZ – 57.5” (29” butt)
(1) 12.75 mm shaft w/ original screw off ferrule
Joint brass 5/16-18 white and black phenolic rings
Titlist cue, rosewood blank. / Backend is black, grey, brass rings. Window with original by Paradise name foil. Short butt cap. / Silver / Black / Silver silk wrap, 100% original.
This cue is all original and in decent shape.  So if you’re looking for that unmolested cue for your collection this could the cue. Butt is straight, shaft is 95%.

This cue is at 65-70% original condition. It exhibits all original patina and 50 years of age.


Cue No:
  Pete Tascarella
Price: $ 3,600.00

Tascarella – ALL BUSHKA PARTS - Early 80's
20.3 Oz – 58”
(2) Original Shafts, 13mm+,  4.2 oz
Joint: 5/16-14 steel joint, brown rings, nickel silver ring
Birdseye forearm, rosewood points, black, orange, orange and natural veneers. Each prong has a MOP slotted diamond. / Butt sleeve is rosewood, with 4 MOP dots, 4 slotted MOP diamonds in a typical Bushka pattern. / Delrin butt cap / Wrap is Cortland linen.
This is one of Pete’s earliest works, and has a letter. The blank was built by Jim Cannon for Pete. All the parts on this cue came from Bushka’s shop and can be identified. The butt cap is older delrin, the common discoloring can be seen to show its true age. The slotted diamonds are all stubby wider slots as Bushka had.


Cue No:
  Pete Tascarella
Price: $ 3300.00

19 Oz – 58”
(2) Original Shafts, 13mm 3.9 oz
Joint: 5/16-14 steel joint, brown rings, nickel silver ring
Birdseye forearm, rosewood points, black, orange, mahogany and natural veneers. Each prong has 3 MOP dots, and an MOP slotted diamond. / Butt sleeve is rosewood, with 12 MOP dots, 4 slotted MOP diamonds in a typical Bushka pattern. / Delrin butt cap All original cue, no play. There is a small ding in the butt sleeve finish from handling.


Cue No:
  Gus Szamboti
Price: $ 14,500.00 OBO.. No Trades

Gus Szamboti Box Cue
20.5 Oz – 58” 29” Butt
(2) 13mm 29”  Barry Szamboti Shafts New Condition
(1) 13mm 29”  Gus Szamboti shaft, (1) 13mm 28”
5/16-14 Steel joint, maple block and stitch ring joint _ Rare
Birdseye forearm,  4 ebony boxes, 4 long ebony barbells in alternate positions / Ebony back end with the high and low stitch rings and the 6 windows of ebony and birdseye / Delrin butt cap. / Leather wrap. Custom joint cap for the butt.
Mint condition cue that was refinished and rewrapped by Barry Szamboti.  Hard to find Szamboti box cue. Included is a custom Whitten 1 x 4 case.



Cue No:
  Palmer Model C
Price: $ 950.00
Cue Maker:
Titlist cue, maple nose, purple, teal, brown and natural veneers. Point wood unkniown,.
20.5 Oz
Wood backend, rings above the butt cap.
(1) 12.8mm (non-original)
Model C, Rambo Tribute . Older restored cue.
White with green spec linen
5/16-18 Brass joint


Cue No:
  Rambow made for Jimmy Caras - Used to win multiple tournaments
Price: Inquire
Cue Maker:
Herman Rambow
Titlist based cue.
20.2 Oz
Black short butt plate, Hoppe ring.
(3) various diameters
This is a Rambow made for Jimmy Caras. Jimmy won multiple tournaments with this cue. The case was also original to the cue.
Brass joint, plain black collar






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