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Cue No:
  Craig Petersen - 6 Point - Bluebook Cue
Price: $ 5,200.00

Very early Craig Petersen from the 63-67 time period. Appears to be a Spain blank, all original very rare example.


Cue No:
  Craig Petersen - 6 Point - First 6 point cue
Price: $ 5,650.00

This Craig Petersen has an LOA from Chalkers, as well as copies of documentation from Johhn Wright. Full documentation in regards to its origins, and stories. All original 6 point hi curly maple into bubinga with a single black veneer. Micarta ferrules...


Cue No:
  Craig Petersen - 6 Point - Bluebook Cue
Price: $ 5,000.00

Craig Petersen 6 point hi and low configuration. Exceptional pointw work, 6 point hi and low configuration very reminiscent of the SW / DPK connection. 3 veneered blocks in the butt sleeve and delrin CP butt cap. All original.


Cue No:
  Burton Spain Vinyl WICO 1960's
Price: $ 6,200.00

This is a WICO cue from Burton, circa mid to late 60's. It has a LOA from Joel Hercek, describing the cue, and features a finished over wrap area. This cue is all original and was out of Burton's private collection of cues he never offered the public. There are less than 12 WICO Spain cues, and this is probably one of the fanciest ones.


Cue No:
  Burton Spain EOL #5 - Burtons personal EOL
Price: $ 7,200.00

Burton Spain EOL (End of the Line) # 5. Burton, when made aware of his limited time left, decided to make a series of cues called the EOL's. Originally there was supposed to be 6, there ended up being 10. This is number 5. Included with this cue is a copy of the spec sheet from Burton, a copy of the letter from Burton on the EOL's, and a LOA from Joel Hercek. Because there is a teardrop marking in the butt sleeve, Burton kep this for himself. Eventually selling it before he passed.


Cue No:
  Burton Spain Model 14/92 Cue no. 1

Burton Spain, 14/92 #1. 1992. When Burton came out of retirement, he made this cue, as his first cue. But he decided to go back to his original pin in shaft assembly. This cue was never sold to the public and was put away for many years. There are very few Spains with the pin in the butt, making this extremely rare. Maybe 1 of 4 or less. In addition to it being his first cue out of retirement. The public 14/92 is also listed here and also mentioned in the LOA.


Cue No:
  Burton Spain Model 14/92 Cue no. 2
Sale Pending

14/92 cue no. 2. The replacement "public" cue for the one listed above. There are only 4 fishtail two prong cues by Burton in this style, according to the LOA's. There are two shafts to this cue. This cue is all original.



Cue No:
  Burton Spain Model 34
Price: $ 5,600.00

Catalog Model 34..2 LOA's, come with this cue. One from Chalkers, the other from Joel Hercek. The LOA's describe the cue, prior to a Joel Hercek refinish and rewrap. Cue is in mint, restored condition, with a leather wrap.


Cue No:
  Burton Spain Model 24
Price: $ 2,450.00

Catalog Model 24.. two shafts, leather wrap. All original.

























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